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Ohtori Private Academy

bury it

bury it: The Ohtori Private Academy RP
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All Members
This is The Ohtori Private Academy Role-Playing Game, for fans of the show Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena). If you would like to join, create a new journal just for this roleplay with a name based on the character you wish to have. Then, e-mail me with the journal name and what character you would like, and I will add you to the RP!

1. All posts must be In Character. If you MUST speak out of character, put the OOC dialogue in double parenthesis ((Like this!))
2. You must have a seperate livejournal just for this RP.

List of Available Characters:

Tsuwabuki Mitsuru
Sonada Keiko
Chida Mamiya
Kazami Tatsuya
Chida Tokiko
Sanjouin Chigusa
Yuuko and Aiko
Suzuki, Yamada and Tanaka
Mrs. Ohtori
Wakaohji Aoi
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