Arisugawa Jury (arisugawa_jury) wrote in bury__it,
Arisugawa Jury


This RP is nearly ready to go! I am waiting to add my Akio, and then we can begin! Remember, I still need a Shiori, so if you know anyone who could play her, I'd be very grateful!
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Yay ^_^
*snuggles Miki*

Looking forward to the RP! ^^

wait...what about emma
.....or is she apart of it already ....
I have it on good authority (i.e. I browbeat one of my friends into it) that there will be a Ruka applying in, oh, five minutes or so. :)

I look forward to it... =)
Becca, Emma was supposed to play Miki, but she's away for the next few weeks, so i had to give Miki away. I'll give her someone else later, like Keiko or Aoi. Is Dan going to sign up for Kanae or what?
If she still wants Miki, I'll happily switch to Shiori. :) No problem here.
Yeah...dan already has the live journal for is ohtori_kanae but i don't think he knows how to become part of this whole rp thinger .... yeah..i mean god he thought he would be able to sit on that table without breaking it cause my lil brother could, lol, hahah
Yay it shall start
Akio is here. I just need a sexy mixed drink and I'm all set XP
Naw, Miki is yours. ;) she doesn't spend a lot of time online anyway. I'm sure sh'ell be fine with Keiko or Aoi.
*blinks* just offhand, who is Aoi in the Utena universe? I've never heard of that name before in any of the storylines. Unless she's one of Nanami's trio, but I thought they were Keiko, Aiko and Yuuko. O.o
((Hi, I'm willing to be Shiori. Sorry that the account name doesn't relate, I kinda got an account before I went here, so... Also, my account names for almost anything tend to be varients of the word "shukuchi", so this at least makes my life easier. Gotta go dig up an icon...))
Aoi is in the manga only, and is a male character...a graduate from Ohtori academy and love intrest of Utena's Aunt Yurika. When Utena first sees him, she mistakes him for her childhood prince.