Kiryuu Nanami (_nanami_) wrote in bury__it,
Kiryuu Nanami


A small scuff escaped those lips as she watched that green hair male leave. What was he so confident about? Smooth slim ebony bolt rose on forehead as Nanami watched his back disapearing. Hm. A paln alreayd forming in her mind she would push backwards, that chair making that grand noise to show what she was about to do. Pushing up she would stand to that full height, arms coming together as that one rested under the others elbow, back of hand pressed to lips as she smirked.

"I have no time for this kind of get together. I have better things to do!Goodbye brother, I'll see you at home."

Smiling cheerfully now she would bend down, kissing that soft cheek of the red haired man, catching a glance of the others about her. The reactions? Hm, one had to wonder what other thought of such a scene. Oh well, they were un-important. Just her brother, of course. Moving backwards she turned, hands coming together as she moved from the long table holding the members, chasing after that green hair man. She had a plan.
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