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The green-haired man stood, finally breaking the unusual silence of the Student Council (and then some) meeting with the scraping of his chair. "Well. I'm going home." And with nothing further, he turned and walked off, tossing his right hand up in a half-wave.

Returning to his dorm, the light of late afternoon coloured the sky a firey red-orange, beckoning the oncoming night. He paused before opening his door, running his hands over the erased and scratched place under his own name where hers had once been.

Saionji opened the door then shut it behind him, leaning against it for a moment before wandering over to the open-draped window that served as a backdrop for his desk. Placing his hand against the frame, he watched students move about in groups, so like ants in their distance. No, it wasn't just their distance that made him think of ants -- they really were. Working towards "grades" and "approval," not even aware that there was more. He looked up, and to the east... towards the Duelist's Woods. So much more...

He turned from the window and noticed in his periphreal vision a white envelope in the middle of his immaculately clean desk. Saionji's eyes widened, and not a thought passed through his mind. He took one step forward... then another... finally reaching to pick up the envelope. The kendo captain opened it carefully -- very carefully -- and drew out its contents. His eyes moved quickly, following the characters as unconciously a smile crept upon his lips. Upon finishing, he lifted his chin and clenched his empty fist. "My words were needless -- who was I to doubt the Ends of the World?"

"Arisugawa... you won't have my Anthy for long."

Oh man, I'm so happy that I was picked to go first. =P Whee. I'm changing back to third person past tense 'cause like Nanami I'm most comfortable with it.

I look forward to this duel XD I figure I'll go challenge Juri in game-time tomorrow.
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