Kiryuu Nanami (_nanami_) wrote in bury__it,
Kiryuu Nanami


[OOc-hello everyone, just wanted to give a friednly hi. I hope no one minds that I rp in third person...>>;]

Well...this certainly was annoying to say the least. Hand came up, those pose fingers curled in as she let mouth open giving a small cough outwards catching it. To more or less show her displeasement at the group gathered about her. Why was Nanami sitting through this garbage? Simple, one word, 2 syllables. Brother. Hands went about the metal bars as she would push to the side, scooting the chair closer to her rose colored head brother with that smirk placed brightly on smooth lips. Hey, she was still part of this council and if they had a problem with it then why was Utena even here! Yes, this would surly be enough justification as to why the blond bombshell was sitting right where she needed to be. Maybe this way she could control the looks he threw at Utena. Boy, did that girl get to her! All she had to do was wrap thsoe long arms about her brother's own and he's sweetly be back to her. Or so it had always worked out, her secret move when another girl even thought about getting near him. They were not worthy...that much was true. Yet head turned as those eyes turned to their wannabe new leader. Juri...juri had the rose bride? Well..that was shocking to say the least. Nanami thought that Juri didn't care about such things. Eyes slited close together as she stared down the older female tho she most likely didn't noticed it. Well, they did say love made you do crazy things, did they not?
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