Arisugawa Jury (arisugawa_jury) wrote in bury__it,
Arisugawa Jury

The beginning

((It's time to begin! I have rolled a die to determine who will have the rose bride first. Here are how the numbers were assigned: 1-Touga, 2-Saionji, 3-Jury, 4-Miki, 5-Nanami, 6-Utena. I rolled a three, so I begin with the rose bride. No, i did not roll a three on purpose. :p Here we go!))

I glance around at my fellow student council members, plus Ruka and Utena. "I expect that we have all received our letters from End of the World. The next duel is to occur in a week. As to who will challenge me, we must wait for End of the World to decide that himself."
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