Kaoru Miki (stopwatchmiki) wrote in bury__it,
Kaoru Miki

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What can I say. I'm proud for Sempai for obtaining the Rose Bride.

But somehow obtaining doesn't seem like the proper word here; Anthy's not an object. She's something special, something that needs to be protect. I know that Sempai will take care of her. But...I can't stop but think about...

I musn't linger in the garden.

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Hello!I've... I've heard of you, and that you were good friends with Juri. I'm very sorry if it's asking too much, but could you please speak with her for me? We... we were such good friends when I used to go here, but now she won't even look me in the eye! What happened? Why's she hate me? I... haven't done anything, and I had been looking forward to seeing her again... Please, if there's any way you can help...
Oh no, that sounds difficult for you. I'll talk to Juri about you and hopefully everything will clear up!
Thank you... she was a very good friend, and I hate to just leave things as they are.